Five Reasons to Cowork This Summer

It’s official! Summer is here! It’s the season that brings backyard barbeques, road trips, time spent poolside - the list goes on and on.

While school might be out, unfortunately, life doesn’t slow down for the rest of us. In fact, in some ways, life gets a little crazier!

And, if you work from home, the needs of your business can be easily overshadowed by the change of season. However, summer marks that critical mid-year point to check-in and ensure you’re on track to reach year-end goals.

So, what’s the best way to create a balance between productivity and the pool? We think it’s coworking! At Brick House Blue, we can think of thousands of reasons why coworking is great, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top five reasons why you should check it out this summer:

1| A vacation from your (home) office.

The struggle is real. Two weeks into summer and your kids have already thrown you off your daily routine. But, the disruptions from your home life and office lethargy can diminish when you retreat to our productive coworking environment. Built with you in mind, our space is intentionally designed to offer an assortment of work settings that allow you to do your best work every single day.

2| Team of “coworkers.”

Summer workdays can be lonely while your colleagues are out on vacation. But, at Brick House Blue, you could work alongside other coworking members and keep up with the hustle and bustle that drives productivity.

3| Convenience.

During summer, schedules can become a lot more spontaneous. Finding time in your day to accommodate swim lessons, summer camps, college visits, etc. can leave you racing the clock. At Brick House Blue, you can make your own hours with our 24/7 work environment. Whether your schedule demands a 5am conference call, or only permits you to work into the evening - our space can be available for you.  

4| Knowledge at your fingertips.

Top-selling books and trendy podcasts don’t have to be your only form of poolside entertainment. Take advantage of our community of professionals and entrepreneurs to learn a variety of skill sets, talents, and expertise that you can apply to your business. Build relationships and genuine friendships with our staff and other members that will drive you to new levels of success.

5| Take a break (because summer is supposed to be fun).

Finally, let’s be real. Summer break isn’t just for kids. While we may not have two months of vacation, we think work should come with a serious dose of fun. Our team plans events that allow you to take a break from those emails to socialize, and have a drink. So, whether it’s networking with other professionals at Linkedin Local or attending a meet-and-greet with Insta-famous people like PebbyForevee, it’s a refreshing change of pace before returning to your to-do list.

So, take that vacation you need (and deserve) so that you can experience the best way to work this summer. Book a tour today and see how coworking can offer an easy solution to those summertime distractions while still sneaking in some fun!

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